14th Annual Dewey Beach Sprint Triathalon


Congratulations to The Northrop Team members who competed in the 14th Annual Dewey Beach Sprint Triathlon this past Saturday – September 19th, 2009. It was a great accomplishment as they said it was the hardest Triathlon in 10 years due to the rough ocean swim. “Being part of this 5 member team was amazing and inspirational to watch everyone give all they got (including myself).” Thank you to the entire Northrop Team for all the support -  knowing you were all behind us made all the difference to the ones that competed. I truly believe if you put your mind to the test you can do whatever you BELIEVE IN!!!

  • Creig Northrop #1 —1 hour 20 min
  • Tom Greeves #2 —-1 hour 30 min
  • Kathi Austin #3 — 1 hour 33 min
  • Sandy Jaso #4 —1 hour 45 min
  • Mike Clevenger — Competed, Dqd

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