Coming Soon: A redesigned White Flint neighborhood in Montgomery County


Residents, businesses and local leaders have been presented with an unprecedented opportunity to create a new neighborhood for White Flint– transforming the current hodge-podge of traffic, parking lots and urban sprawl – into a new “Smart Growth” hometown that is less dependent on automobiles and more oriented towards walking, biking and mass transit. The new White Flint can become a place where the community comes together, friends meet on walkable streets, bicyclists traverse new trails to work and play, and families enjoy vastly improved park space in safe, more environmentally friendly neighborhoods, where development is concentrated along the new Pike and away from existing homes. Think shops, outdoor cafes, bistros, and galleries along wide tree-lined sidewalks.  Envision a new White Flint that is connected, convenient, vibrant, accessible, and sustainable! Your help, input and questions are an integral part of the planning process and the key to making the new White Flint a model smart growth success. The White Flint Partnership is working hard with citizens, neighborhood groups and our elected and appointed officials to transform the White Flint area into an accessible, engaging and vibrant community in Montgomery County Maryland. Please stay in touch with the White Flint Partnership and take a moment to spread the word to friends and family in the area. For more information visit

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