How will you know if you are priced correctly?


The Northrop Team is the area’s leader when it comes to pricing your home right from the start. And we do everything we can to help your home stand out, and sell quickly at the best price, with no hassles. But the one thing we cannot control or change is the market.  Even though we know how valuable your home is, the value of your home from a selling standpoint will be determined solely by the buyers.  To give you a better understanding of whether or not your home is priced correctly we’ve outlined the following “Levels of Seriousness.” Level 1 – “No showings” No showings and no offers. The agents and potential buyers are not interested in even seeing your home because they believe they can buy more for their dollars elsewhere. Level 2 – “The House is okay, but I want to keep looking.” Between 1 and 10 showings and no offers or just a few showings. The number of showings has slowed down since the first few weeks when the listing was initially placed on the market or the house has been on the market for four to six weeks with no offers. Potential buyers believe that they can still get more house for their dollar and are willing to keep looking. Level 3 – This is it! Showings, second showings, and offers in the first four to six weeks. Congratulations! We are at the level where you want to be; you have placed your house on the market at the right price At this level, we should be able to hold within just a few percentage points from where the home is currently listed. Potential purchasers believe that your home is one of the nicest homes and best values on the market and that the price supports their belief that your house might be their next home! They are ready to buy! Price is a Dynamic Thing! Below Is The Percentage Of Buyers Who Will Look At Your Property Based Upon Its List Price. Pricing Graph Benefits of Proper Pricing:

  • More showings
  • Fewer appraisal problems
  • Buyers eager to make offers
Problems of Over Pricing:
  • Competing houses become more attractive
  • Personal selling goals are delayed
  • Have to wait for a new/different buyer to enter the market
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